FALL SCHEDULE (updated 9/14/2014) 

LEAN program's first 6 weeks is FULL!! You may still sign up for the 2nd six weeks (11/2-12/7) which will be held at Everyday Motions 555 Centre View Blvd. Crestview Hills, KY. Get a fresh, motivating start to each week. Sundays 7-8pm, September 14-October 19.  See program description below.

Uplift & Tone is going on every Thursday, September 11-October 2, 10-11am in Blessed Sacrament Church Undercroft. There is child care during this class. See program description below. Class is $40 for all 4 weeks. 50% of all money collected will go to the Family Nurturing Center.

In addition to the class and program descriptions below you can visit the pricing page, contact page, or personal training page for more options. 
LEAN - Living Everyday Actively and Nutritiously, weekly support group that will help with your success when planning for lasting health and fitness.  You are given nutritious and active advice/information along with a goal to go along with each one each week.  The format allows you to take small steps, building each week toward healthy habits.  I have fun ways to track your success!  It is my mission to give you strategies for losing weight, getting fit and making it last. 
Uplift and Tone - A whole body workout set to Christian music.  It begins and ends with a prayer. It is invigorating and uplifting throughout!  It makes you feel stronger inside and out.  It is an experience in which you can get a great workout regardless of your fitness level.  (You may want to bring a towel and definitely a bottle of water)

Crazy Motions (High Intensity Interval Training) - Bring your best to this class. I want you to give it your everything for short bursts and in between those burst we will practice balance, flexibility, coordination and core training. This class is designed to get the most results in the shortest time possible. Bring your water and your energy. Exercise science is leading us to HIIT training as the best method to change your metabolism and correct insulin resistance in your body.

BOSU Bootcamp - Created to help you develop an efficient body allowing you to make everyday movements without pain and help you play harder and longer.  It is functional training which challenges the whole body causing you to train smarter. Safely incorporate integrated movement, balance and body awareness into your workout routine. The BOSU can give you workouts you never imagined. It helps build your core, improve balance, tone muscles, and increase cardio endurance all while having fun. It can be tailored to accommodate any fitness level. You won't be left on your own either. I will be able to help each person to ensure you're are motivated and challenged all while doing a movement correct, safe, and at the pace you need. 
Open Circuit - A whole body workout with weights and cardio.  Jump into the circuit anytime during the listed hours.  You perform the exercises in the circuit by going around 3 to 5 times.  It takes 6 minutes to go around once.  You decide how much of a workout you need.  Perfect for a quick and effective workout.  I will be there providing guidance, motivation and support to keep you safe and having fun.