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Everyday Motions is getting even more personal! I am working with only 1-4 clients at a time from my home studio.

There will be opportunities for large classes offered around the city. Keep checking back for these fun group sessions that'll keep you moving and socializing!

What's New

  • Personal Training 


  • Group Training (2-4 people)     


  • Special Events 
    • BOSU bootcamps
    • Crazy Cardio Parties
    • Family Fitness Events
    • and more

Cash, check, or credit either online, in the app, or in person are all accepted. Gift cards are also available. 

                                    Please call for a no cost consultation to get to know each other! It will help determine the best way to move forward and accommodate your needs.

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After Consultation:

​​​Everyday Motions 
"Fit for Everyday Life"

I feel like a new person since working out at Everyday Motions. I tell everyone about how many positive changes have happened. It is an amazing feeling to be able to move again. The shape of my body has changed for the first time in years!

- Lisa Pieper

Everyday Motions


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