FALL SCHEDULE (updated 10/21/2014) 
Check out the new Sweatworking class! A featured presenter takes the platform and tells about their business for 10 minutes while the other attendees are all ears being led in a silent warm-up. Everyone, including the featured presenter, then does the exercise circuit. There will be 10 people for 10 weeks. A different person takes the platform each week.

Build great relationships, become friends, promote your business and get healthy!

Register online for either Tuesday 7am or Wednesday 5pm or both! See class description below and don't miss this new opportunity to showcase you and your business.

LEAN program signups for the 6 week session from 11/2-12/7 are open. This session will be held at Everyday Motions, 555 Centre View Blvd. Crestview Hills, KY. The session is $70 for new attendees.
Get a fresh, motivating start to each week. 
Sundays 7-8pm.  See program description below.

Click here to go to November's online scheduling option. You can also download the MindBody Connect app, search for Everyday Motions and have the schedule available to on the go!